Sending Emails In The Moments That Matter

You have collected a whole lot of data about your customers. Scampering through this data won’t help. Decode the data; utilize it creatively and intelligently for varied email campaigns. Through the information that your customer has shared you can decipher many aspects about them.

Emails aren’t just a medium to plainly give information. They should touch the feelings of your customers, which would trigger a response that you wish from them. Especially while sending an email during holidays or on occasions that matter the most to your customers. Email is a tool to engage your customers with your brand. Statistics reveals that holidays are the best occasions to engage your audiences.

There is sharp rise in online sales during holidays and festive season. Thus, it isn’t surprising that 1 in 3 retailers choose to dedicate around 31% to 50% of online marketing budget to holiday efforts. Holidays evoke emotions so smart marketers touch these emotions and trigger a response from the consumer. Here is how you can do it the best:

1. Be genuine when you personalize
Needless to say, send personalized messages and do this more effectively by sending emails that befit the lifestyle of the customer. Create a message to show how your offer will add to the meaning and sentiment of the holiday. Choose to show how your brand can enhance your customer’s holiday experience. But, while doing all of this, be genuine and not too pompous.

2. Guide your customer
Shoppers often wait till the last minute to shop because, they aren’t quite sure what to buy? Your customers are finding it difficult to make that shopping decision so inspire them to buy. Create a guide that gives your subscribers some choices. Send separate suggestions to young boys and girls, wives, husbands and parents. Break your suggestions into categories like hobbies, product type, stuff within a certain price range or a particular age group, product type, etc.

point 2 guide your customer

3. Ease to order
Engage your customer across all devices; tablet, laptop, desktop or mobile. It helps when they switch to from one device to another. A click to call from mobile phone is necessary these days as most subscribers have queries addressed to customer service or place an order via the mobile phone. Your order now, call-to-action should be prominent and visible.
Prefer a bulletproof CTA, which means the CTA button isn’t an image; it’s a code written in HTML and is visible across all inboxes. Even if the images are off, the CTA button is visible.

4. Interact, engage and create a sense of community
Share with your customers product reviews and testimonials to educate them and create the need to buy your product / service. Reviews from customers are preferable as compared to those coming from the brand itself. Do this through interactive content, preferably videos, which add the needed zing to the communication. Here you don’t share the value proposition but, your customers do it for you, which is far more impactful. This ultimately leads to forming a brand community and a league of brand loyal customers.

5. What role does your brand play?

point 5 what role does your brand play

The preparation for holiday email campaign begins early. You build a connect with customers to find out about his background, age, economic status, choices and preferences. And when its holiday season you can use all of this information to send the right mailer by hitting the target and showing them the role of your brand in planning the holiday and making it memorable.

Holidays are rejuvenating and have an emotional value. Get in touch with the Juvlon team to capitalize on this golden opportunity to create the best holiday email campaigns.

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