Use Texts for Marketing your Event

SMS marketing for your Business Event

In case you haven’t heard, communication has gone mobile. 91% of adults have their mobile phone within arm’s reach 24/7 and when they get a text message they open it around 95% of the time. Businesses hosting an event can leverage these facts to increase attendance and improve engagement during the event by implementing SMS marketing.

SMS marketing, in general, is much more than just sending promotional messages. If done properly, this is a strategy which may win a lot for businesses. Particularly, if you are a company that has direct interaction with your clients and organizes frequent events, SMS marketing can be prove to be a bliss for you. Here is how:

1. Get attendees excited to attend your event with a text message reminder.
2. Text a link to a Google map for directions to your event location or after-event hot spot.
3. Send workshop attendees a link to educational or relative materials from a speaker/host. Text them after the session.
4. Allow your attendees to text comments and messages in-between sessions to gather feedback.
5. Create unique text campaigns and spread the word by providing social media links for these campaigns in your texts.

Event Marketing SMS Example

Event Reminder SMS Example

6. Run a contest (without the fishbowl). Give attendees a chance to win prizes by texting to enter a contest organised during the event.
7. Get feedback on your event or other issues by conducting a text message poll or survey. Text the results to the participants.
8. Text mobile coupons that can be redeemed with your event sponsors.
9. Sign up attendees for your email list by having them text in their email address. No clipboard needed. No more deciphering bad handwriting!
10. After your event, text a “thank you for attending” message along with a link to an article of key takeaways.

The technology today has reached to great advancement, and your SMS is no more just an SMS. Smartphones allow people to access everything through the message itself and you should always use this power. With a whopping 98% open rate sported in most cases by SMS marketing campaigns, this surely is the best way to reach out to your event attendees and make your event a grand success! Leverage your marketing potential with SMS marketing by Juvlon.

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