A Quick Recap – [Webinar] Contributors to successful Email Marketing Campaigns

I delivered a webinar to discuss the ingredients of successful Email Marketing Campaigns. This blog is a quick recap of this webinar.

Email Marketing means delivering professional communications to relevant and targeted audience and this communication contains useful and relevant content for your audience. We saw few statistics of how some of the contributors help you in succeeding your email marketing efforts. Post this I discussed 7 important contributors to make your email marketing successful.

#1 Catchy Subject Lines:
According to Convinceandconvert.com 35% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone. Lisa Furgison, a regular contributor on Juvlon blog, has also written a blog where she has shared tips to create killer subject lines. These are the tips I shared that you need to remember while crafting the subject line for your email campaign:
1) Know your audience
2) Get to the point and be relevant
3) Create the sense of urgency
4) Don’t overuse urgent phrases

#2 Build a Powerful List:
Here are some of the options that will help you grow your database
1) Opt-in forms on website
2) Sending emails to 3rd party
3) Organizing events
4) Using social media
5) Source a good database

#3 Segment Data List:
Companies that use email list segmentation saw 39% higher open rate says Lyris Annual Email Optimizer Report. So I shared couple of tips on how to segment your data or email list.
1) Separate the list based on your consumer preferences.
2) Subscribers’ choice needs to be noted and segment the list accordingly.
3) Readers’ interest should be marked.
4) Receivers’ behavior (which can be picked from the click-through reports) helps you in segmenting the data list.

#4 Email Templates
Email design plays a very important role while doing email marketing campaigns. Tips to create good templates
1) Keep it crisp and relevant
2) Do remember to add a precise content
3) Use proper images with Alt+text
4) Create relevant and good call-to-actions
5) Develop responsive email templates that will be accessible from all the devices

#5 Email Settings
Email settings play a very crucial role while setting up the email marketing campaigns. Set subject and from fields as specific as possible, eg I might not open the email that has From as admin@yourbusiness.com, instead if it says Admin Your Business, it attracts me to open and read it. You can also set a different ‘Reply-to’ email address. Don’t forget to craft an apt pre-header too.

#6 Email Service Providers
It is really very important to evaluate and sign-up with an apt and a good Email Service Provider. Some of the points to consider while evaluating
1) Private IP address or shared IP with very few users
2) Good Reporting
3) CAN SPAM compliance
4) List Segmenting
5) A/B testing
6) Free Trial
7) Pricing plans
8) Customer support and training
9) Robust infrastructure

#7 Testing Strategies
Creating a testing plan – you can test subject line, email content, call to actions, day and time when you receive the optimum results

In this webinar, I also discussed how to measure the success of email marketing campaigns. Some of the components that you should consider are
1) Delivery rate
2) Hard and soft bounce rate
3) Open and click-through rate
4) Unsubscribed rate
5) ROI of your email marketing (cost per conversion, cost per visit, budget vs. spend)

You can also view the recording of this webinar and access the slide-deck used during the session.

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About the Author:
Smita More is a marketing professional and drives marketing activities for Juvlon – Email Marketing Software. Connect with Smita on LinkedIn.