The Art of Discounts : Part I

Email marketing accounts for over 7% of all e-commerce transactions, making it one of the most effective digital marketing channel. Despite email being around for over 21 years, we’ve never had the opportunity to segment and personalize email marketing at the scale we can today. With behavioral-triggered email marketing and the ability to segment customers down to the finest distinctions, it’s no surprise that email marketing continues to grow in effectiveness.

In this blog series, we share some awesome email examples of discount offers from different brands and tips for email strategies. You can implement these in your email marketing efforts to significantly boost your customer engagement and make your SALE a grand success!

1. First impression means everything:
There are a hundred and one ways you can use sales, offers, discounts and deals to drive customer acquisition and conversions. But the first email that you shoot out to you customer or a new subscriber really determines the course of you relationship ahead. So placing your offer in an attention grabing way is the need of the hour.

Rockport Welome Email Example

Welcome emails are not just to acknowledge your new customer’s email id, they can work wonders if paired up with an irresistible deal!

MemeBox Welcome Emails

2. Seasonal special offers:
Seasons keep changing, and so should your offers. There is a lifestyle shift, and need of new things with every season change, and as marketers we should tap on to this opportunity to drive more sales. Nowadays, emails that make special offers with every new season are actually awaited by many shoppers, as they look forward to avail these discounts. With the need already created among customers, some beautifully designed and well written emails can surely seal the deal for you.

Starbucks Special Seasonal Offer Email

Oyo Monsoon Sale Mail

Many-a-times, your product has nothing to do necessarily with the season change, but does that mean you miss an opportunity to re-engage with your customers? Absolutely not! Like Random House has done below, you can design your campaigns to attract more engagement by offering deals that are not only seasonal but also resonating well with your customer’s interests.

Penguin Random House Email

3. New product pre-launch:
Creating awareness around your upcoming new product or service is a crucial step in marketing. And to fulfill this need, email is the most reliable way to approach your customers. When a hot new item, service or update arrives at your store, an email spreads the word about this must-have product. It is just the right medium to inform them about you new launch, and entice them with great discount offers that bring pre-launch purchase orders flooding in to you. The following examples denote a well represented and informative way of creating buzz and interest around your new product/service.

HP New Product pre-launch Offer Email

PS Plugin Offer Email

Offers and discounts are marketed by every business, however, with a clear goal in mind, a firm understanding of the brand and some experimentation in your emails, you can most effectively utilize offers to build customer loyalty and increase revenues through email marketing. Look out in this space to know more about discount emails. Contact Juvlon for creating awesome emails in no time!