The Benefits of Cart Abandonment Emails

Cart abandonment emails can help you bring customers back and secure a sale. According to a SaleCycle marketing report, 74 percent of customers abandon their online shopping carts. By sending a reminder, customers are more likely to return to your site to finish their purchase. That’s just one of the benefits.

To help businesses understand these emails, we’ll discuss the three major benefits of cart abandonment emails and give you some tips to create your own. First, let’s look at the benefits –

1. Convert customers who leave into customers who buy

When a customer walks out of a brick-and-mortar store, they’re gone. When they click out of your online shop, there’s still a chance to reel them back in. Even if you don’t cash in on the sale, cart abandonment emails have great response rates. Take a look at these stats:

  • Almost half (44.1 percent) of all cart abandonment emails are opened
  • More than one-tenth of emails are clicked
  • The average order value from a cart abandonment email is 14.2 percent higher than a typical order
  • Nearly one-third of clicks lead to recovered purchases

2. Understand why they go

There could be many reasons why a customer made it to the finish line and then walked away, including high shipping costs, which is the most common reason for cart abandonment, according to a Design for Founders survey. Website bugs, and slow page loads are the other reasons.

By sending cart abandonment emails, you can evaluate your metrics to see if you need to make website improvements to increase your sales – something you might not be aware of had you not sent these types of emails.

3. Increase brand awareness

While the intent of a cart abandonment email is to push a consumer to make a purchase, even if they don’t result in a sale, the email can still increase brand awareness.

Customers will see and read the subject line, and likely open the email. Both of these actions keep your brand top of mind. The next time the consumer needs a product or service that your business offers, they’ll remember your company name. Are you ready to create your own cart abandonment email? Here are the major components the emails should have:

  • A subject that clearly defines the purpose of the email

Try something like, “Your cart still has items.” You can toy with the subject to create a sense of urgency with a line like, “Your cart will expire in 24 hours” or personalize it with, “Jen, your items are waiting for you.”

Chubbies Shorts is a great example of this:

Chubbies Shorts Cart Abandonment Email Example

  • Catchy headline at the top of your email

This is the first thing the potential customer will see. Examples include, “Don’t forget about me” and “There’s a bag full of joy waiting for you.”

  • Image of at least one of the abandoned items

This will remind customers of exactly what they left behind. Try to incorporate as many details as possible, such as the price, size and color.

This Fat Face email is a great example:

Fat Face Email

  • Call to action

Make sure you have a link that redirects back to the cart for purchase. Your CTA should stand out from the rest of the copy and entice the reader to click it.

Cart abandonment emails should be part of your email arsenal, as they can bring customers back, secure otherwise lost sales and boost brand awareness.