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How to Get People to Sign Up for Your Email Newsletter

Browsing through my inbox is a nightmare these days. My inbox is filled with marketing emails and to my utter disbelief, I don’t know most of the brands that are trying to connect with me. Your customer faces the same challenge as you and me face.

Connecting with customers is a task that is getting tougher due to intense competition, where many brands are trying to grab customer’s attention.

So, when the customer can get easily distracted, what is the most impactful and endearing way of grab customer’s attention? Taking a step further, once you have managed to draw their attention, your next agenda should be to motivate them to engage with the brand.

According to a study conducted by Nielsen Norman Group, 90% of respondents prefer updates from email newsletters as compared to only 10% who choose Facebook.

Sending newsletters to your customers can develop a connection with your brand BUT, why would they sign up or subscribe to your newsletter in the first place?

Let’s discuss some impactful ways to get people to sign up for your newsletter:

1. Adding value:

You need to inform the customers how your newsletter will add value to their lives. A clear value proposition that appeals and convinces the audience, gives a reason for customers to subscribe.

What is in your newsletter that they will value?

If you are a travel planner and all that you promise is a newsletter that will remind them of future trips and destinations you plan, it isn’t giving a reason for your customers to subscribe.

You can share the experience of a customer who has availed to your service and traveled with you. You can mention at the end, ‘If you wish to know more about great places to travel, subscribe to our newsletter.

Tell them exactly what the newsletter will consist of, how it will benefit them and deliver this promise consistently.

Adding value

2. Grab attention on the website:

If you want people to subscribe to your newsletter the primary way is to have a signup form or call to action that is visible on the website.

There are people who browse through your website and want to know more about your brand.

And in such a case if your newsletter signup form isn’t visible, you’ve lost a lot of your audiences or subscribers.

3. Free giveaway:

A free giveaway is a way to motivate customers to sign up for the newsletter. You can give away a free download of an e-book, link to a most sought-after webinar or private video interviews.

Alternatively, you can give a coupon or discount. This gives an incentive to people who would otherwise hesitate to share their email id.

According to a study one in five i.e., 19% of people read every email newsletter they receive just to see if something is being offered.

Free giveaway
4. Shareable email:

You have some subscribers in your list and they regularly receive your emails. A smart way to reach more subscribers for your newsletter is to include “Forward to a friend” link in the newsletter campaigns. Also, include social sharing buttons on the landing page where your email sign-up is located.

5. Call for customer views:

You can alternatively ask customers to share what they would like to read in the newsletter. Give them options that they can click. Give them this choice either on the signup form on the website or on the social media page.

Blogs are a great way to appeal for signups. When customers browse through your blog and read it, at the end of each blog post you can appeal to your audience to sign up for the blog and the newsletter as well.

Here you can ask people to share their ideas and thoughts about what they would like to read in the newsletter.

Call for customer reviews

6. Deliver the promise:

Once you’ve promised what the context and the content is going to be in the newsletter, your test is to deliver it consistently. Go back to the promise you made to the audience and always write the email content accordingly.

Otherwise, all the efforts you’ve made to have the audiences sign up is going to be pointless, as either they will begin ignoring your emails or unsubscribe.

This will mar the image of your brand, which is tough to restore- you are disconnected with your audience, connecting back is going to be challenging.

Thus, a newsletter is a two-edged sword, use it wisely.

Newsletters are a great way to connect to audiences and develop a lasting relationship. Juvlon is here to keep you connected with your audiences. Wish to know more? Connect with our team. We would love to hear from you!!

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