Why ‘Content is King’ for Email Marketing?

Content creation can be a problem area for many marketers. But, for others, it can ring bells of victory! The power of words is known to all but it often gets sidelined. Not everybody can taste success with their email content strategies. With tech-savvy customers gaining ground, it’s even more important to reach out with relevant content that grabs attention and gets the desired result. Here’s a quick guide to create engaging email content.

Original Content Rocks!

original content

Retaining an original flavour is required for content creation. Achieve this with the following tips. Bear in mind that the content you generate is the voice of your firm
Always create user-engaging content
Allow display for user-generated content
Think from the customer’s point of view. What kind of information would create interest? Which features of your product/service would appeal to them? If time and talented resources are an issue for content creation, use your website to extract information. This will help to generate content that is original and make a subscriber stay engaged with your emails. Creating user-engaging content is vital for response. Including a feedback request for example, will connect with the consumer and create a feel-good factor that you care. Focus on your product to learn more ways to connect with readers. Dabble with user-generated content such as testimonials and reviews.

Effective Subject Lines

effective subject line

Use your subject line to grab that chance to reach consumers. This line of text dictates whether your email will be opened or relegated to the bin. Work upon why a consumer must open your newsletter or what are the benefits to derive the sentence. Make a powerful subject line to generate action.

Timing Matters

Content should be published regularly

Posting content is only half the job done. Content should reach users at the right time. Planning and being consistent will help to achieve goals. Original and engaging content in the form of blogs, through social media, and information shared through webinars must be done at regular intervals. It’s a lost battle if you publish a post today and skip one for a couple of months. Do you have a professional blog page? Then ensure you update it weekly. Professional posts on LinkedIn giving relevant content will keep users connected on your page. This can be the fuel for your email content.

Dig that Data

Publish Facts

All is not lost even if you have already utilized content from your website or blogs. Give a new spin to your message. Dig into the company statistics and reports to share highlights of these through emails. This will give a deep insight for users to gain their trust. Use the reports to bring attention to details that would be relevant to the customer.

Less is More

Crisp Content

A powerful message in less number of words is all you need. Online users are page skimmers rather than readers. With a less attention span….say it in fewer words! Emails are not the platform to begin an essay. A clear message communicated through shorter sentences creates a larger impact in lesser time.

Visually Speaking

Content and design go hand-in-hand

Content and design go hand-in-hand. An attractively designed newsletter is all you need for content to stand out. A cleverly planned layout is necessary to navigate the users’ eye movement as desired. Design should be clutter-free. But do bear the technicalities in mind. (Not every user will have images enabled in their email. You need alternative text that should appear in case the images do not load.)

Personal Touch

personal touch in email

Successful email content is also about a personal touch! Adding the name of the customer connects with readers on a personal level. This establishes a relation and shows that your firm considers him/her as valuable. It gets rid of the feeling that this is just another email sent to random subscribers. It shows you really care about what the customer says or does. Use your database to reach out with relevant messages. Study user actions (what they are clicking, which user is opening) to know them better. A professional writing style helps, but a personal touch connects.

Call to Action

Call to action in the email

After achieving all of the above, the most important step is a ‘call to action’ button. Brilliantly crafted content should lead to this very important ‘click’! It could be to grab a new offer, opt for a free trial, take a demo, buy a product, etc. Keep your call to action clear in mind while writing the content. The aim of the content is to guide the user to this very vital step. Keeping is simple is the key.

If you would like to share more ideas, do drop us a line in the comments below. Don’t forget to check our blog on ‘‘5 steps to create killer subject lines’’.


About the Author:
Smita More is a marketing professional and drives marketing activities for Juvlon – Email Marketing Software. Connect with Smita on LinkedIn.


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