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Juvlon Platform

The mailing engine in Juvlon has been designed to manage a large amount of traffic in a fast and efficient manner. This engine handles the varying degrees of personalization for mailers while sending. At the core of the mailing engine is the Automatic Traffic Management (ATM) module. The ATM module monitors and manages incoming and outgoing queues of mailers from multiple sources.

Mandatory testing of mailers before sending

Before any sending is performed, a mailer is mandatorily sent to the default Test list. Subscribers in the test list can check for inbox deliverability, view the mailer’s design and click on the content to verify reports.

Schedule email campaigns for future delivery

Mailers can be sent right away or scheduled for a later time and date.

Automatic de-duplication of subscribers while sending to multiple lists

While sending a mailer, you may select multiple lists of subscribers. Some of these lists may have the same subscribers. The mailing engine de-duplicates these lists first and then prepares to send. This way you can be sure that your subscribers don’t receive the same mailer multiple times for one sending activity.

Large array of mailing servers for high volume and rapid sending

To accommodate rapid sending of large volumes of emails, juvlon’s infrastructure has been setup to be highly scalable. Part of this scalability requires a stack of mailing servers which can be increased dynamically based on traffic requirements.

Large pool of IPs between mailing servers

For better deliverability, the sending servers are each dynamically assigned IP numbers from a large pool of available IPs. These IPs are managed for good online reputation, thus ensuring that your mails are not junked or spammed-out due to juvlon’s infrastructure.

Mail queue management to prioritize all sizes of mail volume

With Juvlon, you will never have to be concerned about the turn-around-time for your mail sending. Whether your mailing volume is small or large, the ATM module has this built-in intelligence not to hold back your activity due to the pre-existing load. The dynamic addition of sending servers plays an important part here. Juvlon’s mail queue management, mainly the ATM module, prioritizes all sizes of mail sending intelligently without delay.



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