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Reports & Analytics

Reports are at the heart of juvlon’s success. Attractive graphical display of each report

All the reports viewership, click-through, bounces, opt-outs, referrals, domain wise, day-wise, time-wise are displayed in attractive flash graphs.

Tabular reports with absolute numbers and percentage outcome

All the reports are showing in tabular form in absolute numbers and on a click of button are converted into percentage.

Open Report

See total and unique opens rates and number of times the email was opened.

Click-through report

View details on how many subscribers clicked on which link in your email

Bounce report

Juvlon has a sophisticated bounce back management module. View details of which emails bounced, if it was a soft or a hard bounce and for what reason.

Opt-out report

View reports on how many subscribers cancelled their subscriptions.

Domain-wise report

View detailed report about the open rates, click through, bounces, opt-outs of top 10 domains to which the email was sent. This gives you an idea that which domains are gathering him maximum viewership and click-throughs.

Day-wise report

View day wise report of open rates, click through, bounces and opt-outs. This report can help you analyze the best days when you get maximum viewership and click-throughs.

Time-wise report

View opens and click-thorough based on time. 24 hrs have been split into 8 slots of 3 hours each. Understand which time slot is best for sending the emails.

Comparative report

Compare multiple emails in a particular campaign.

Email client report

View which email client and mobile devices was used by your readers.

Export Data

This is a powerful feature. You can export all the data in easily in excel format, but more importantly you can create a new list with the exported data or export it to an existing list. This way you can segment your audience based on open or click pattern and send them more relevant message.

Referrals report

View report about who referred your email to whom. You can reach out to more people through referral marketing. The referred email ids are added to your database automatically.



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