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Do a quick spam-check on your emails while editing! Get your spam score instantaneously – green is good, red means you need to work on it.

When you are done creating the email, click the Test Spam button in Juvlon. Juvlon uses SpamAssasin which is an industry leading opensource Spam check software. SpamAssassin comes with a large set of rules which are applied to determine whether an email is spam or not. Most rules are matched against the body or header fields of the message, but SpamAssassin also employs a number of other spam-fighting techniques. The rules are called ‘tests’ in the SpamAssassin documentation. Each test has a score value that will be assigned to a message if it matches the test’s criteria. The scores can be positive or negative, with positive values indicating ‘spam’ and negative ‘ham’ (non-spam messages).

To make it simple for you, we have introduced a green and red colour to the scores. If your score is low, it is shown in green, which means the email has passed the Spam test and in all probability will not be considered as Spam by many email clients.

spam score

If there are words that might be considered spammy, or if you email is image heavy you might get a score shown in Red.

spam score



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