Convert Abandoned Transactions into Revenue Using Email Automation
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Convert Abandoned Transactions into Revenue Using Email Automation

  • By Rohit Varude
  • August 30th, 2018

Normally, you’d associate an e-commerce site with a shopping cart which may have one or more products in it. An abandoned transaction is more than a shopping cart left behind without being checked-out. A transaction can begin with a click on a call-to-action (CTA) in an email that takes the user to a landing page. And an abandoned transaction would then result if the user fails to complete the intended action on the landing page.

For instance, you send an email to list promoting a seminar or webinar. The email has a CTA to register for the webinar. The transactions begins when a subscriber clicks on the CTA to register and is taken to the registration form. The transaction is complete when the subscriber successfully registers for the webinar. The transaction is abandoned if the subscriber who clicked on the CTA does not register for the webinar.

Another instance is when an existing customer is sent an email to renew his expiring investment in a mutual fund or an insurance policy. Its important to retain existing customers. When a customer clicks on the CTA in the email to renew but does not confirm the renewal on the landing page, the transaction is abandoned and it deserves quick reactions.