SMS Marketing In Multi-Channel Strategies (1)

Case study: SMS Marketing In Multi-Channel Strategies

  • By Apeksha Kshirsagar
  • Jan 31st, 2018

The future of digital marketing is in successfully integrating all platforms and circumscribing customers at all touch-points. SMS undoubtedly is the most popular touch-point for online businesses wherein a quick response is ensured. It’s also the cheapest and convenient way to reach customers.

SMS garners 98% open rates and 33% response rates. Global beverage giant Coca-Cola believes that mobile marketing budget should follow 70:20:10 rule. Wherein 70% is allotted to mobile messages, 20% to mobile internet and 10% to trendy tools like apps, QR codes, Augmented Reality, etc. Our world is changing and SMS marketing can work together with other technologies to get the best results from marketing efforts.

Case Study: Faasos

Faasos was born with the aim of creating Fanatic Activism Against Substandard Occidental Shit- Faasos. This ‘food on demand’ company was founded in 2011. Their target customers are tech savvy, glued to their mobile phones; mainly between 20 to 35 years.

Customer journey captured through integrated marketing efforts:
Whenever you order food from the website, a SMS about your order details is immediately delivered. Once the food reaches at your doorstep a ‘thank you’ SMS is delivered requesting for a feedback.


You are regularly intimated through SMSes about the discounts. Each SMS has an embedded link of the app and website for placing orders and availing to special discounts.


You can download the app or reach the website ready to order screen. After landing on the website you will observe a tab asking you to download the app.


Once you download the app and login in, you will be sent a code through a SMS.


SMS is the medium through which Faasos is connecting with the consumer at vital points in their buying journey to provide important information.
SMS is the connecting thread in their digital marketing strategy. Since SMS open rates are high Faasos has intelligently used it to keep customers informed.

Why app strategy:
Faasos went the app way in October 2015 as 97% of their business came through app vis-à-vis web version. By 2015, 12, 000 orders per day were placed through app, with an increase rate of 20 to 25% month on month basis. They continue to take orders over the phone.


Why hang on with SMS Strategy?

Faasos app downloads since July 2014 were 1.5 million. When all companies have primarily opted to go the app way, why has Faasos stuck to a SMS strategy along with it? Observing how Faasos has fitted SMS into the customer journey, it’s clear that they have chosen SMS as a medium to popularize their app and website orders.

Automation with Juvlon
Juvlon offers automation tools where you can track the number of app downloads and the orders placed through it. Here we give you a report of customers who clicked the link in your marketing SMS. Use this report to re-target customers and push them down the sales funnel leading to purchase. Creating a landing page with Juvlon enables to track customer activity on the landing page. This lets you track customers who showed interest but abandoned. If they have left mid-way you can re-target them. Know more about innovative sms strategies by contacting our marketing experts.