InfoG: The Future Of Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing is an important element of digital marketing campaigns that is here to stay. However, it is important to continue to develop and adjust your email marketing campaign because email tactics and audience behavior are constantly changing. Email marketing is one of the few marketing strategies in which companies can reach out to their audience or customers directly. Staying on top of the current trends, as well as future predictions from experts in the field, can help you adjust your email marketing campaign and improve your open rate and engagement. With so many opportunities to engage with your customers from interactive emails to embedded videos, there is always room to grow your email campaign.

Many Email Automation trends have emerged in 2017, and small businesses, in particular, will need to jump on these trends to keep up and grow their businesses. Email marketing automation is moving towards creating a more personal connection with your customers and sending them interactive messages that are relevant to their customer journey. Know the results of the popularity and ease of automation through the infographic below –

Future of Email Automation