Ways to grow opt-in email list

Top 9 Ways To Grow An Opt-in Email List

For a successful email campaign, you need to have a list of subscribers who are genuinely interested in your brand. Buying an email list can cause more trouble for your business as the email addresses from this list are not verified. This increases the bounce rate, hence affecting the reputation of your IP.

Some reasons why you should say no to buying an email list:

1. Affects email deliverability
2. Email addresses are not verified
3. Affects your brand reputation
4. You will be penalized by your email service provider
5. The quality of the purchased list is poor
6. You will come across as a spammer

The last thing you want is being marked as a spammer.

Keep in mind that good email ids are never for sale. Why would a company sell you their opt-in data if they themselves can make the most out of it? The ids in a purchased list are either blocked, blacklisted or do not exists.

So what’s an alternative to buying an email list? Well, grow your own opt-in list. How? The infographic below gives some easy tips to grow your own opt-in list:

Infographic- Ways to grow an op-in email list