Benefits Of Sending Triggered Emails To Customers

Triggered emails can make a huge difference for any marketer, for the better, or for worse. But – a badly planned campaign can send a customer away for good!

Making an intelligent use of trigger-based emails is more than sending reminders or ‘welcome messages’ to customers. It’s about reaching out with relevant messages to strengthen a loyal customer base or obtaining new ones. It’s about knowing the timeliness of the message and its value-addition. It’s all this and a lot more!

Watch this webinar hosted by Juvlon and presented by Guest Speaker and Email Marketing Specialist – Lisa Furgison. A seasoned professional, she will unveil all the fundamental tips and tricks of the trade with genuine examples. Get her valuable insights on triggered emails and secrets behind successful results.

Trigger your marketing campaign in the right direction with this exciting opportunity!

About speaker

Lisa Furgison- Journalist and Marketing Specialist

Lisa Furgison

Journalist and Marketing Specialist