Creating Winning Content For Mobile Emails

Emails on smartphones are the need of the hour. Mobile Email has made it convenient for people to take care of business matters in real time, well, almost. Screen sizes are shrinking from the 9-inch laptop to the 4.7-inch smartphone and so our attention spans.

How does one grab attention and induce necessary action through Mobile Emails? The sole answer is to create and deliver smart, relevant, crisp content to suit the small screens of your handhelds and your readers.

  • How to create effective email content to grab attention on mobiles?
  • Effective subject lines for such emails
  • The Dos and Don’ts of content for Mobile Emails
  • Tips for creating effective content for Mobile Emails
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    Sonali Brahma- Brand and Digital Strategist

    Sonali Brahma

    Brand and Digital Strategist