Generate Leads With Landing Pages & Email Marketing

So you have worked hard and with your content and tools, you now have a substantial subscribers list. Some of these are your customers but of course, leads take time, care and nurturing to eventually turn to customers. Email Marketing is your best friend to do that. Even if your subscribers are existing customers, nurturing campaigns will help get their mindshare and, of course, emails provide that extra nudge to push your customer to eventually convert.

If you land your visitors from your emails to your website, you are fighting many factors. A typical user will give you about 3-5 seconds to catch her attention and take action. The purpose of Landing Pages is just that.

  • What are the principals of good landing pages?
  • How can you integrate your email campaigns to make landing pages effective?
  • What you should be measuring?
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    Saurabh Mathur- Co-founder of Connecto

    Saurabh Mathur

    Co-founder of Connecto