Measuring Email Campaigns Beyond Opens And Clicks

How do you measure the performance of your email marketing campaigns? Getting your emails to the inbox is only the first winning step. Actually, engagement begins when the message is opened and read. We have always been looking at the open and the click-through rates, unsubscribes and spam complaints. But is this enough to help us know what could we do to improve our email marketing? Check this webinar where we go beyond these basic metrics and take a deeper look into our receivers’ interaction levels and many other parameters that we should not miss at all. Abhishek Agarwal, an Ex-Googler will join us to share how Google Analytics plays an important role while tracking email performance. This webinar covers-

  • Why to go beyond open and click rate
  • What is beyond open and click rate
  • Google Analytics’ role in email tracking and performance
  • About speaker

    Abhishek Agarwal- E-commerce and Digital Marketing Expert

    Abhishek Agarwal

    E-commerce and Digital Marketing Expert

    Smita More- Marketing Professional

    Smita More

    Marketing Professional