How To Re-engage Your Email Contacts


We all marketers are aware that every year we lose 25% of our email contact database. We all want to attract and retain customers. Email marketing is a valuable tool to obtain that goal, but sometimes customers stop responding to your emails. Subscribers may just lose interest in your company, they might change email addresses, simply unsubscribe and many a times they start ignoring your emails. To bring these inactive customers back into the sales fold, you can send specific emails to re-engage them. In this webinar, email marketing specialist Lisa Furgison shares how to re-activate customers who have strayed.
The webinar addresses these key questions:

  • What is re-engagement email campaign?
  • Why is re-engagement email campaign important?
  • How to re-activate customers who have strayed?
  • Examples of re-engagement emails that you can create and send to this segment of your email list

About speaker

Lisa Furgison- Journalist and Marketing Specialist

Lisa Furgison

Journalist and Marketing Specialist