How does email marketing look in 2016

Innovations And Future Of Email Marketing

Recent studies say Social Media and Email Marketing are top preferred channels for Indian marketers in 2016. With this context let’s take a look at what is the future of Email Marketing.

Check this webinar by Naresh ​Bhagtani, Managing Director, Niche Software Solutions, as he takes a look ahead to see what is happening and what should we be paying attention to. In this webinar Naresh will be talking about

  • What in email marketing is dead?
  • What does the future hold for email?
  • Email marketing innovations – what’s new?
  • What is on your email marketing bucket list?
  • Your email marketing strategy for 2016
  • About speaker

    Naresh Bhagtani- Managing Director at Niche Software Solutions

    Naresh Bhagtani

    Managing Director at Niche Software Solutions