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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Juvlon provide reports for my Campaigns?

Yes, you can view your email or SMS reports and check the performance (opens/delivered, clicks, bounces, opt-outs, spam etc.) and know the behavior of your audience. You can also extract all reports into an existing list, a new list or as a CSV file. Juvlon also has a provision to create a UTM tracking code automatically that helps you track the performance of your email campaign in your Google Analytics account for your website.

What if my email goes into Spam? What can I do?

There are industry standards and best practices relating to subject lines, email content, domain checks, etc. that you can follow to give your emails the best chance of meeting all mail provider and spam filter expectations. We have a Spam Score check tool to help you check your email score while creating it. Also, our very strict Anti-Spam policy does not allow unsolicited commercial email or spam to be sent from our servers.

How do I create and deploy my Campaign?

You can create a new Campaign, name it using alphanumeric characters and start creating your emails. Using our free mobile responsive templates or your own HTML, you can upload and modify it with the Editor tool present in Juvlon. You can also use personalization to personalize your subject lines and content. You can then test your email/SMS, choose your list and click Send, or Schedule it for later.

How do I manage my email/SMS bounces in Juvlon?

Bounce management of emails and SMS in Juvlon is automated, advanced and complies with best industry practices. Juvlon does categorization of bounces or undelivered messages and processes them based on this categorization. You can view full documentation for each bounce, and manage your list hygiene by further exporting this data and cleaning your list.

How do I create an account on Juvlon?

Register yourself for a free trial with Juvlon. You will receive an activation email at your registered email address. Click on the activation link in the email and your account will be activated. In case you do not receive the activation email, you may contact Juvlon Support for assistance at support@juvlon.com.

I have an existing CRM. Can Juvlon integrate with it?

This depends on the kind of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software you are using currently. Juvlon can be integrated with any CRM using a web service (XML). Most CRM packages provide the same facility to integrate with third-party softwares. Contact Juvlon Support (support@juvlon.com) for help.

Is my data secure? Does Juvlon have a Privacy Policy?

Yes, we do. Click to learn more about our Privacy Policy. We will never provide/sell any personal information collected through our website or application to any third-party. Your database/list of subscribers is accessible only to you, through your account, and no one else.

How do I manage my Subscriber Lists?

You can simply upload your list and create a new list naming it according to your requirement. Similarly, while creating multiple lists you can import more subscribers over time. You can check the status of your subscribers within your lists, create custom fields, and monitor the automated subscriptions and unsubscriptions.